PetCare is fully equipped with knowledge and modern diagnostic equipments to ensure healthy pets and satisfied owners.
Diagnosis and treatment of health problems (dermatological, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal disorders, etc)
Ultrasound, radiology, diagnostic laboratory (blood tests, viral tests, antibiogram, etc)
Surgical treatment (tumor removal, etc) and other surgeries (c- section neuter and spay, etc)
To protect you and your companion, it is necessary to follow your pet’s recommended vaccination schedule.
Taking care of your pet’s teeth will improve his quality of life. At PetCare, we provide corrective dental care for your pets.
PetCare provides grooming services for your pets such as bath, brushing, haircut and styling, nail trimming, eye and ear care.
We have ample experience to support you in bringing your pet abroad for travel and/or relocation purposes.
We follow strict care procedures to ensure your pets stay in a comfortable environment while away from his/her home.
For emergencies, we are open 24/7, including public holidays. If your pets have problem after 7pm please call and bring your pet to PetCare 1.
We understand the difficulties of moving an animal, pet transport and home care veterinary services are available to support our customers.