Diagnostic imaging & Laboratory


Ultrasound is a medical test used for evaluating various animal health conditions and diseases such as pregnancy exam, tumors, abdomen diseases and other health complaints. This is a relatively low-stress procedure.


Radiology (X-ray) is used to diagnose orthopedic problems, tumors, abnormal materials in the organs such as urinary stones or foreign objects in the intestine. At PetCare Hospital, the Radiology room is built in-house to ensure speedy diagnosis and treatment.   





Diagnostic Laboratory

PetCare Diagnostic Laboratory is equipped to perform all necessary tests. These tests will give us more information about your pet’s condition to determine the best treatment procedure. We provide :

   Blood tests
   Viral tests
   Rabies titer test
   Skin tests
   Stool analysis

We also have direct access to internationally accredited labs in France, Japan, Netherlands and Italy  if your pet needs more specialized testing.