Pet Travel / Relocation Service

Before travelling, your pet needs to be vaccinated, implanted with a microchip and laboratory tests. Requirements may vary depending on the country of transit/destination. To ensure your pet’s safe travel, you should prepare for the trip as soon as possible and preferably 6 months in advance.

PetCare was the first veterinary hospital to provide pet travel services. We now have ample experience to support you in bringing your pet abroad for travel and/or relocation purposes. Our services include:

•    Consultation on pet travel/relocation regulations of the destination country
•    Issuance of pet health certificates
•    Issuance of pet export permits


For more information, please contact:


PetCare 1: 124A Xuan Thuy street, Thao Dien ward, district 2, HCMC

Tel: (028) 3744 2505(028) 3523 4244